Welcome To Our New Site

November 12, 2014

Welcome to the new Meto Lift, Inc. website. We designed this site to make it easier to find information about our machines, the solutions they provide, and the ways in which they integrate with your clean room and facility.

The Our Solutions section highlights the solutions we provide to the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, and Fine Chemicals industries. These pages are beneficial if you work in one of these industries and are unsure of which of our machines can solve the problem you’re encountering.

The Products section offers an overview of each of our product categories, from bin and bowl handling to drum lifts and powered mobile lifts. Since every machine we manufacture is custom built for your needs these pages are intended as an overview of the different categories of machines and their capabilities.

Our Blog is a great way to learn more about our products, solutions, and our company. You can learn more about our machines, find out about our upcoming appearances at industry trade shows, and learn more about the people behind the scenes here at Meto Lift.

If you’re ready to order Meto Lift, Inc. equipment you may want to refer to our Sales Reps page, which helps you find your local sales rep. If you find that you have questions about our machines, our solutions, or any step in our process, you can reach our team at any time by calling us at 201-405-0311 or emailing [email protected].

Thanks again for checking out our new website and we look forward to your feedback. 

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