METO Systems is a leading supplier of stainless steel material handling equipment to the pharmaceutical industry. We have over 4 decades of delivering  this type of equipment to industry leading clients with the most demanding requirements . Every piece of equipment we build is customized to meet clients’ needs at every stage of unit operation. We produce products that can handle everything from fine powders and particulates, such as those produced during the milling process, to granulated compounds and large collections of pressed tablets. Our pharmaceutical products include:

Bin and Bowl Lift Handling

Blending and Tumbling

Drum Handling

Utility Lifts

METO Systems’ stainless steel equipment complies with the pharmaceutical industry’s most stringent clean process requirements and is rated to lift up to two tons. If necessary, our engineers can even design products that will withstand explosions.

For enhanced productivity and safety, put METO Systems equipment to the test.

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  • More than four decades of first-class pharmaceutical product engineering from some of the industry’s best designers
  • Dependable products customized to meet the rigorous demands of pharmaceutical operations large and small
  • Efficient and effective service