METO Systems Expands All-stainless Steel Material Handling Product Line to Include Powered Mobile Product Family

April 21, 2015

Franklin Lakes, NJ – April 21, 2015 – METO Systems, a leading supplier of stainless steel process and material handling equipment for the Food, Fine Chemicals, Nutraceuticals, and Pharmaceutical Industries, today unveiled the Powered Mobile Product Line.

The new product uses a single Meto column lift mechanism instead of a pair of telescoping masts as would be found on a typical forklift. This single column delivers a streamlined design, an easier to clean lift while incorporating industry leading Meto column lift technology.

This product introduces a number of innovative models, including:

    • Powered Mobile Counterbalanced Stacker – The stacker moves. lifts and lowers efficiently in all manufacturing spaces, and its tight turning radius makes the perfect choice for narrow aisles, process suites and air locks. It is ideal when the load needs to be elevated over other equipment and standard straddle legs would interfere.
    • Powered Pallet Trucks – The efficiency and ease-of-use of the powered pallet truck makes it the best solution for transporting bins throughout a sanitary manufacturing process. It is a perfect fit for moving pallets, containers or other equipment that needs to be lifted slightly off the floor for transport.
    • Powered Straddle Stacker – Tight spaces are no match for the powered straddle stackers. With adjustable spread outrigger legs, this stacker is perfect for working in process suites, air locks and other small spaces. It includes a compact design with adjustable leg spread and can lift heights up to 10 feet.

All three new products include:

    • Angle grips that allow for easy operation with either hand and make it simple to control;
    • Wraparound guard, reversing switch, thumb control, and horn come standard;
    • On-board smart charger with auto-switching makes battery recharging quick and easy;
    • Travel, lift, and lower functions are all located within an ergonomic operator handle, making them easy to control;
    • Ergonomic tiller head equipped with a turtle button provides advanced control of it’s AC induction traction motor for power and efficiency;
    • An electric code switch that allows for up to 99 individual access codes, as well as a “last-user-ID” function to make start-up easy; and
    • Auto-reverse belly switch and up/down buttons with proportional speed control allow for simple, intuitive operation.

This new powered mobile product line delivers cost effective, all-stainless steel solutions designed from the ground-up for customers that need a powered mobile assist to handle their materials in clean room environments.

“With this new Powered Mobile Product Line our customers now have the ability to safely and ergonomically handle materials in their clean room environments” said William Rotenberry, Chief Operating Officer, METO Systems. He continued, ” We are proud to deliver this expanded line of material handling equipment for industries that need or want stainless steel equipment.”

Pricing and Availability
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About METO Systems
For more than 40 years, METO Systems has been a leading supplier of all stainless steel process and material handling equipment for a variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, Nutraneutical, Food and Fine Chemicals.

METO Systems specializes in lifting, positioning, blending and handling equipment for “clean” process industries. Our equipment is designed for reliable service over many years and configured to meet our customer’s specific requirements. As with all our products, we provide detailed engineering support, fast delivery and expert service.

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