About METO Systems

For more than 40 years, METO Systems has been a leading supplier of process and material handling equipment for a variety of industries, including Food, Fine Chemicals, Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceutical.

METO Systems has focused exclusively on our line of lifting, positioning, blending and handling equipment for “clean” process industries. With more than four decades of experience, we have accumulated a knowledge base second to none. Couple this with experience integrating the full scope of other manufacturers’ equipment, and we can deliver the best solution for your project needs.

Rugged, Reliable Design
The METOLIFT™ line of equipment is designed for reliable service over many years, our solutions can run 24/7/365 with minimal routine maintenance. High quality components are used throughout, and our stainless steel structures are just that—all stainless steel, no stainless steel cladding materials are used.

Installation Savings
All METOLIFT™ equipment is configured to provide you with a complete system with little to no need for any on-site assembly. The majority of our lifts are installed and running in less than four hours with minimal requirements for outside contractors.

Detailed Engineering Support
Have a tough application? Not sure how you will fit it into your facility? METO Systems’ engineering department will provide you with system layouts for your project in advance of any purchase. Short on time and resources? Give us a call and let us fill the gap.

Fast Delivery
METO Systems’ lean manufacturing approach offers the shortest lead times for custom equipment in the industry.

Expert Service
Need assistance with installation? Start-up? Training? Maintenance? All service personnel are fully qualified and factory trained. In most instances, our technician is dispatched directly from our factory in New Jersey and will have had knowledge of your machine from the very start of its assembly. We strive to provide best-in-industry class customer response times. Often our technicians can arrive the same-day or the next day for emergency service calls.